Organ markets, sex markets, recreational drug markets, and child labor (among other topics) tend to illicit strong disapproving feelings from the majority of people. This often leads to paternalism (bans on such markets).  For example, it is often argued that it is unethical to allow people to sell organs, even if doing so might benefit both the donors and recipients.  If we do not ban such markets, it is argued that people will make stupid decisions (e.g., selling a kidney for casino money).  In addition, they argue that these markets would lead to exploitation. 

However, I wonder if there is another motive here.  Perhaps we do not want to acknowledge that we live in a world where some people are currently so bad off that any of the following would improve their lives: (a) selling an organ; (b) selling themselves for sex; (c) ‘escaping’ their lives by getting high; (d)…

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