Recently I have been writing a few extremely short stories per week.  This was inspired by Vonnegut’s brief descriptions of Kilgore Trout stories.   Here are a few:

Beauty.  Like many people, Mindy was unhappy with some of the features of her body.  She was determined to do something about it.  So, Mindy worked overtime whenever she could, and diligently saved until she could finally afford cosmetic surgery.  Today, Mindy’s life has changed, as she no longer has asymmetric kidneys.

Cold.  Tonya Larsen was born with an unfortunate combination of traits.  She experienced emotions extremely intensely.  However, Tonya could only communicate with words.  She had no emotional prosody, couldn’t cry, use hand gestures or vary facial expressions.  People saw her as cold and unfeeling.  She would tell people how much she loved them, how happy she was, or how sad she was, but nobody believed her.  As a…

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