The Rationalist Conspiracy

1. Don’t clean your ears with Q-Tips. It’s bad for you. Yes, it’s actually bad, and it has no benefits of any kind. Why it feels good, if you’ve been doing it for a while, is that you’ve made the skin in your ears itchy and it feels good to scratch them. Don’t feed the itch-scratch cycle. For more on why it’s bad, see this funny blog post.

2. Set every bill you can to auto-pay. This eliminates late fees and other headaches, and prevents paper bills from cluttering your desk.

3. All the places you can put stuff – desks, counter tops, chairs, floors – I call “active surfaces”. Keep them as clear as possible. If you’re not going to use something in the next 72 hours, it shouldn’t be there. Store it in a box, a cupboard, a drawer, or another place where it isn’t in the…

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