Abortion 2013


Is the argument over?

For years I’ve tried to teach medical students about abortion. Not how to do one, or what the law says, but how to reason about it (click here and succeeding posts).

Twenty five years ago, students were fairly evenly split between pro-life and pro-choice. More recently the pro-lifers have been in the minority; I’ve had to work hard to support their side of the debate.  Last week, for the first time ever, not one student out of about 30 admitted to being pro-life. We still had a debate, me against the rest, but a Rubicon had been crossed.

Abortion used to be the area of moral philosophy where consensus, even on how to frame the argument, was impossible. Have we now moved on?  Have all intelligent and educated people reached consensus – permissible under a wide range of circumstances? Perhaps it’s time to end my student…

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