What if the “most good you can do” is to help animals?

Nonprofit Chronicles

The idea of “effective altruism” — giving from the head, not the heart, to do as much good as possible — is gathering attention these days. It’s the topic of The Most Good You Can Do, a new book from Peter Singer, a philosopher at Princeton. Practically speaking, effective altruism would seem to favor nonprofit groups that save the lives and alleviate the suffering of poor people in the global south, where the needs are greatest and donor dollars go far.

But what if the most effective form of altruism improves the lives of animals?Not dogs and cats, but farm animals?


That’s the claim of Jon Bockman, who is executive director of Animal Charity Evaluators, a nonprofit dedicated to identifying and promoting effective ways to improve the lives of animals.

Bear with me (and Jon), please, even if you’re not an animal lover, because the work of…

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