The Sad Truth About Animal Charity Donations

Kirschner's Korner


How are donations to animal charities currently distributed? Approximately 70% of all donations to animal charities go to dog and cat shelters even though dog and cat euthanasia represents less than 1% of all killed animals. Conversely, approximately 98% of all suffering and killing of animals occurs in animal agriculture. Tragically, only approximately 2% of all donations go to reduce animal agriculture, highlighting the public’s appetite for saving dogs and cats while eating other equally sentient beings. As the chart below reveals, the impact of donations varies markedly. Donating to dog and cat shelters appears to be the least effective use of donations to animal charities yet they are the largest recipient of donations. This article discusses the importance of donations to animal charities and how to determine which organizations deserve your financial support.


The Importance of Donations to Animal Charities
Before donating to animal advocacy organizations, it’s important to establish…

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