Standing up to the Left on Animal Rights



After a semester of learning about patriarchy and intersectional social justice, I finally shared with my class the uncomfortable thought that had been burning inside me all year.

Looking into the eyes of my professors and my peers, I told them I cannot take their commitment to justice seriously while they completely ignore the plight of nonhuman animals.

I wasn’t mean, but I did not hold back. I told them the how I really felt—how every animal activist really feels.

To their immense credit, the response was overwhelmingly supportive. One of my professors, the acclaimed feminist author Carol Gilligan, asked what materials on animal rights she should include for her future classes. Several students spoke up agreeing that animal rights deserves to be recognized as a bona fide social justice issue. One person told us about the horror she felt when she witnessed an animal slaughter. Another highlighted the inconsistency between our love for dogs and cats, and our…

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