Are Animal Rights Protesters Wrong to Interrupt Bernie Sanders Rallies?

Kirschner's Korner

An animal rights organization has been interrupting Bernie Sanders rallies by shouting pro-animal slogans and holding up signs that read, “Animal Liberation is Social Justice.”

In one video of the event, protesters chant, “Animal liberation now!” and Sanders’ supporters boo them and chant back “Bernie! Bernie!” One supporter can be heard yelling, “Get outta here!” Another remarks, “Get a life!” In another video, people throw things at protesters holding up a sign explaining that “Animal Liberation is Social Justice.” When the sign is ripped away, the crowd cheers. Sanders responds by sarcastically remarking, “As I was saying…” In another video, protestors hold up a sign that reads, “Get Big Ag Out of Politics.” The response is the same–no noticeable support from the crowd, protesters removed by security, and Sanders ignores it.

This group of protesters aims to disrupt people in public spaces to force the issue of animal rights onto…

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