Why i support GiveDirectly

socialshare a GiveDirectly recipient managing their grant on a cellphone; image source: https://www.givedirectly.org/img/socialshare.jpg

What would you do with an extra $1,000?

I would personally take a couple of months off and ride my bicycle solo from Copenhagen to Istanbul. In fact, that’s what I just did, and $1,000, the size of a typical GiveDirectly grant, is just about how much the whole operation cost me – including travel insurance and transportation back home. Growing up in a mid-lower class family in Brazil, I had always dreamed of traveling and experiencing the world like that. But I hadn’t had the financial means and opportunity until recently, after a couple of years at a well-paying job which allowed for me to save some money and fund the trip myself.

outdoor_profile_picture-basicincome my arrival at the Bosphorus strait on 24/Nov/2016

Those were what I judged to be my needs at the moment. Neither cigarettes or…

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